2015 – Here We Go!

Wow!  Where do I even start?

My story is a long one and as I share each post, I am sure some of it will be explained.  But, today, I just want to start from right where I am – a little, tiny town in South Central WA state called Bickleton.  We moved here this past summer so my husband could be closer to the farm he runs with his dad.  In so many ways, it’s made our lives better and we can’t thank God enough for blessing us with this home.

home sweet home



For the past (nearly) 5 years, I’ve been living life with a chronic illness.  It isn’t easy and makes each day difficult in ways I never thought possible.  But, I’ve come to find that in life, especially when one deals with so much pain and fatigue, the gift of a beautiful moment (whether it’s found in nature, my home, or a moment shared with someone), all of these little things add up to major blessings.  And, just for a moment, that blessing can make you forget about all the bad stuff you have to live with every moment of every day.

One of the ways I like to document these blessings is through photography.  For me, it’s just a hobby, but it’s a hobby I enjoy!  Not everyone will think my images are great and not everyone will appreciate them like I do.  I always enjoy learning more about how to take better photographs but I will not let that stop me from enjoying where I’m at right now.  And, where I’m at right now, is that I want to try a photo a day for 2015.  Because of my illness, this might not always be possible but I hope to stretch myself and my photography skills by taking on this challenge.

Another fun hobby of mine is digital scrapbooking.  I am so lucky to get to work part time for Digital Scrapper by making tutorials for them.  These hobbies go hand in hand and so you’ll probably see things on here that come from this world, too.

In so many ways, moving to Bickleton has been an answer to prayer.  For my husband and I, we feel like we found our little slice of h[e]aven here on earth.  Our home is in many ways a haven; a place of safety and refuge and I hope to share pieces of it with you through my photographs, words, and other tidbits along the way.  Thanks for stopping by and I wish you the happiest of Wednesday’s!


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