Photo-A-Day: Dark

When I got up today, I remembered that today’s photo assignment was “dark”.  When I let the dogs out to do their thing, I saw that the stars were still out and the moon was shining bright overhead.  I knew it was the perfect thing to snap a photo of for today’s assignment.  One, because I love love love star-gazing, the moon, anything to do with the night sky.  And two, because it wasn’t too cold to stand outside on my back step with my tripod and remote shutter release.

Day 7 Dark

I love how the moon is causing a flare and has the burst look to it.  While it was clear as a bell this morning, this evening is not proving to be the same.  About 4:00pm, I looked out west and saw a beautiful sunset but I also saw a strange cloud bank slowly moving in.

This cloud bank made for a gorgeous sunset as the light bounced off of the water particles in the air.  It also brought us some fog for a short time:

Ten minutes after I took these pictures, the fog cleared out and now the stars are shining.  A strange but beautiful day where it seemed God was showing off with all the gorgeousness He brought us today.


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