Photo-A-Day: Outside

Yesterday was gawgeous!

It was January 6th and it was 55˚ outside at it’s warmest.  We did have some upper level clouds so it wasn’t as sunny as you’d imagine a warm day to be.  But, it was calm, peaceful, and tasted a little bit like spring.

One of the features of living where we do is the numerous amount of wind turbines.  We joke about living in the “red light district” because when the sun goes down, they all glow with flashing red lights.  I also had to snap a picture of the thermometer for my family.  I’m born and raised in the great state of North Dakota and they are currently braving -30˚ wind chills.  So, 49˚ just before the sun went down might have seemed like a nasty joke to them and I had to have proof it was real.


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