Photo-A-Day: Shooting From A Low Angle

Well, the fog from yesterday is back and it’s been around all day.  Makes for a quiet, subdued kind of afternoon.  That is, until the Fedex guy shows up!  Then it’s all kinds of barking and excitement for a few short minutes.  We had run out of the dog’s favorite dental chews so they were especially excited when I opened the box that came today.

Speaking of dogs, I’m pretty sure I hadn’t mentioned ours yet.  So, in case you don’t know us, we have two fur babies; Sadie and Penny.  They are both of the Havanese breed and we love them to pieces!  They are also the subject of my pictures today.  Sadie is mostly black with a few small white patches.  She also has a few grey hairs starting to show on her face.  Of the two, Sadie is the dog that is always on alert.  She’s afraid of missing out on anything that might happen and loves to watch “doggie tv” or look out the window.

Day 8 Low Angle-6

As you can see, she’s as cute as a button and has claimed this rocking chair as her own.  She is the kind of dog who likes to be outside, save her treats all day because they are too precious to eat right away (she often “buries” them in her blankets), and loves to be praised.

Here’s a few more shots I took of her today.  All of today’s photos were taken while I was laying down on the floor.  It’s not the most comfortable but it is the best way to get good shots of my girls.

Penny, is in many ways, the opposite of Sadie.  She eats every single treat as fast as she can and then spends the rest of her time trying to find ways of stealing Sadie’s.  She sleeps more than any dog I know and is all about comfort.  While she does get excited when people stop by, she is not nearly as alert as Sadie and would rather just stay on her spot on the couch next to me.  And yes, she’s a bit of a Momma’s girl while Sadie lives for Daddy to come home every night.

As you can see, she has much more coloring around her face.  She’s also more “stubby” with shorter legs and a wider body.  But those eyes!!  With both of them, it’s impossible to stay mad at them for very long, even when I try really hard.  I’ll never forget the day about 6 years ago.  I had just gotten home from getting groceries and it was very very windy that day.  Where we lived then was like a dust bowl anytime the wind blew.  Well, when I first get home, I always let the dogs out so they can see me and take care of business outside while I’m unloading the car.  First, I dropped the 12 pack of soda I had purchased and it was spraying everywhere.  Remember, too, that the wind was blowing like crazy so I was covered in it!  If that wasn’t bad enough, then the dogs decided to be disobedient and run to the backyard.  They ran through the sprinklers and straight into the dry dirt pile.  It was an instant mud mess all stuck to their fur!  Oh, I was so hopping mad!!  Obviously, I did get over it but I refused to speak to either of them for the rest of the day!

I’m sure there have been other times I wasn’t thrilled with my two girls but they really are well behaved almost all of the time.  Our lives would be missing so much if we didn’t have them as they are such a blessing to us.  So, this won’t be the last time you see them on this blog.  I hope you all have a joy filled Thursday!


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