Photo-A-Day: Colorful

I’ve been feeling a little more under the weather than usual today but there were still blessings to enjoy.  One of the big ones was my friend, Tabitha, was here for awhile today.  She’s simply the best!  One of the tasks I haven’t been able to do for a few years is do the grocery shopping.  She has taken that task on for me and has been such an awesome trooper about it from the beginning.  It’s not easy shopping for me because of all of my dietary restrictions.  She’s had to get very good at reading nutrition labels, etc and I can’t say enough about how glad I am to have her as a friend.  The best part, she often stays for a nice long chat/visit when delivering our food and I always look forward to it, even when I’m not feeling so great.

On a different note, today’s photo assignment was “colorful”.  When scanning my home, I realized something about myself – I love a good neutral!  But then I noticed our book shelf and I thought, was a great subject for a colorful topic.  Books bring so much fun, adventure, new ideas, and enjoyment to our lives that you can truly say they add color to our daily life.  So, here’s the two photos I chose to share.  They aren’t prize winning or even that special but today it was more about the meaning than the ability – and that is just as important – to document what matters to me not just what I think everyone will be impressed with.

Day 9 Colorful-2

Day 9 ColorfulAnyway, tonight I wish you all a wonderful night’s sleep but if you find yourself struggling to fall asleep tonight, maybe try reading a little bit and get lost in something new or familiar (if you just have to read that one book again and again).


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