Photo-A-Day: Black & White

Besides trying my hand at doing the Photo-A-Day for 2015, I’ve also been trying to spend more time in Bible study.  I had started a study on the book of Isaiah last year and with the move this summer and everything else, I got away from it.  I’ve been able to do a chapter about every other day and it’s been so good to get back into it!

Today’s assignment was a black and white photo and I thought this was the perfect subject for today:

Day 10 Black and White

Now I know some would say I’m defacing my bible but I prefer to have my notes right there in the margins so that the next time I’m in that chapter or verse, I might more readily remember what I’ve previously learned.  My memory isn’t great so this helps me recall things regularly and that’s more important to me than keeping it neat (my handwriting isn’t the most fun to look at).

Well, it’s been another very foggy day today in Bickleton.  I’m told winters up here are filled with days like this.  Today the weather fit how I felt as I’m having an extra rough day with my chronic illness and it’s symptoms.  But thankfully, my hubby has been home today and it always helps having him here.  He makes my life so much better and I would be lost without him!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


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