Photo-A-Day: Texture

Today has been a different kind of day.  In a good way.

First, due to my chronic illness, any form of exercise has been virtually impossible.  But, for Christmas, I had asked for a series of DVD‘s that help people like me get back into it by starting with stretching and light (very light) workouts and today I did one for the first time.  It was perfect for me and just what I needed for getting started as I’m very much out of shape.

Second, Andy was home all day!  This is always a treat when this happens since, being a farmer, my hubby doesn’t get to do this too often.  We actually got to work together on a few things and that’s always fun, too!  The dogs were out of sorts, however, because we weren’t in our usual places at the usual times and that is not ok with them.  There was even a little bit of whining going on from Sadie because while we were working at the computer, she wanted Andy to play fetch instead.

Third, I got out of the house for a bit today.  Andy took me to drop off some mail and then we went to his parent’s house just a few short miles away.  I’m so blessed to have such great in-laws!  I always enjoy visiting with them and going to their house is always fun because the dogs LOVE it there!  As soon as we pull into the driveway, the barking/whining/excited noises begin and we have to listen to it all the way past the shop, and other buildings before we finally arrive at the house.  Someday, I’ll get the craziness on video so I can show you but for now, you’ll have to take my word for it.

So, even though I am in lots of pain today, I was able to do a few things that I don’t normally do or have the energy to do and it was wonderful!  On that note, today’s photo assignment was pretty fun, too!

I’m a girl that appreciates texture.  Whether it’s clothing or furniture or food – texture is so important.  I was a die hard “What Not To Wear” fan and to this day, whenever I hear the word texture, I always think of “color, pattern, texture, shine”, the advise Stacey and Clinton often gave to the people on the show on how to build an outfit.

One of my favorite new things is this awesome scarf my sister made me for Christmas:

I also have a new love of burlap.  I have it in my living room, office, and dining table.  Not a lot, but just enough to make it cute!  Here’s some pictures of one of my burlap throw pillows and my burlap and lace table runner:

And last, I really love the look of weathered and aged wood.  Here’s a picture of one of the apple boxes I have in my living room:

Day 13 Texture-4

So, I hope you enjoyed my little pieces of texture I chose to capture and thanks for stopping by!


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