Digital Scrapbooking: Hand Drawn Elements

Happy Thursday!

One of the things I also hope to do on this blog is share my digital creations with you.  About once a week or so, I’ll be posting pages here that I have created using products and tutorials that you can purchase (not from me, from other places) if you’re interested in them.

One thing I do is create for the website called Digital Scrapper.  I have been a member of their creative team since the beginning of 2014 and it’s been a blast!  Digital Scrapper is the first digital scrapbooking website I found and it’s where I learned how to use Photoshop or at the time, Photoshop Elements, to make digital scrapbook pages.  It is the best place to learn this and I’m so glad I happened upon their website when I did.  It’s a little surreal to me still, but I recently started working for them by becoming an instructor there, too!  But I’m telling you, I would have nothing but good things to say about them, even if I didn’t work there as the community is so fun and so encouraging and helpful!  When I look at the amount of kindness in this online community, it puts others to shame.  Digital scrapbooking is full of the nicest people and other hobbies/online communities could learn a lot from them.  When I read the comments people leave on photography pages/blogs/etc, I am blown away by the snobbiness, rudeness, and out right nasty things people make.  If you don’t have something nice to say, just stay quiet.  Or, maybe, give nice and encouraging feedback while offering comments about how to improve something without ripping that person to shreds.  If you don’t like one photographer’s style, it’s okay because someone else will.  Just keep quiet and move on instead of going on and on about how you are so much better, etc.

Ok, that’s my small rant for the day!  Moving on…

Here’s a page I made for the newest challenge at Digital Scrapper.  The challenge is “Hand Drawn Elements” and it’s based on the tutorial made by Christina Rambo:


The Kit used is Stories: 365 by Kristin Cronin-Barrow.  This kit is one of my new favorites!  Kristin is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers and if you want to see more of her stuff, she sells her products at the online store called “Sweet Shoppe Designs“.

Hope your Thursday is a good one and thanks for stopping by!

PS – if you’d like to know more about digital scrapbooking, how it works, etc, leave me a comment with your questions.


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