Photo-A-Day: A Challenge

Today has been a good day for me.  My friend, Tabitha, came today as she is the wonderful, awesome, person who gets groceries for us since I am unable to right now.  She is such a huge help to us by doing this one weekly chore and I don’t know if there will ever be a way that we can say thank you enough for her willingness to help us like she does!!


I always look forward to our weekly visit and normally, so do the dogs!  They adore her!!  But, today, was a challenge for my girls because Tabitha brought a foreign invader, a stranger from a different world, another dog!!  Tabitha is house sitting this weekend for her aunt and so she brought Jewel (her aunt’s dog) with her so she wouldn’t have to sit in the house alone for the whole time she was bringing us groceries, etc.  Isn’t she gorgeous?!


Jewel is such a well behaved dog!  And she’s loyal!!  She followed Tabitha everywhere and it was just too cute to see.  It was great getting to meet her as I love dogs of all kinds but my two fur babies were not happy about it.  They almost never are when another dog comes to our home.  It’s strange, because, while Sadie doesn’t really like other dogs much, she has less angst for bigger dogs.  Penny, however, is the opposite.  She takes to smaller dogs better because they are easier to boss around.  So, needless to say, Penny was upset!


All she would do was lay on the arm rest of the couch (she never does this) so she could be high enough to keep an eye on that foreign invader across the room.  If Jewel even started to move towards me, she would bark and growl at her.  Thankfully, Jewel didn’t pay much attention to her because she was being so rude!  I think some of Penny’s anger was having to share Tabitha, too, because Tabitha is one of her favorite people.

So, today was a challenge for my dogs.  Sadie handled it a little better but not by much.  They are both very tired after all the “stress” (haha) so hopefully they will sleep well tonight!

Anyway, I wish you all a great night and a wonderful weekend!!  Thanks for stopping by!


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