Photo-A-Day: Exercise

A few things about today:

  1. It rained for much of the day!  PTL!!  After the drought last year, every time it rains it feels a little bit like Christmas so I am thanking God for that today.
  2. Penny, pulled another, what we call “Pittsburgh Stealer” move today!  This is when she barks like there’s someone here to distract Sadie, so she can steal Sadie’s treat.  You see, Sadie likes to save her special treats sometimes and eat them after hours of treasuring them first.  Penny ate about half of it before I figured out what was going on.  So, Sadie quickly ate what was left once I recovered it for her.
  3. It’s been a calm kind of day.  The rain and dark clouds made for a quiet day indoors.  I have been watching some Netflix, tried something new with my hair, and hope to pain my toenails yet before bed.
  4. I got in another small workout today.  For me, this is huge.  I don’t think that’s happened since before I got sick nearly 5 years ago.

So, after my workout, I snapped a picture of the series I’m using since today’s assignment was “exercise”.


So, it’s nothing spectacular, photography wise, but just being able to do any exercise at all is HUGE for me and I wanted to document it.

Hope you all have had a wonderful Saturday!


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