Photo-A-Day: Happy

We are all pretty happy here tonight!  My honey was gone this weekend to be a counselor at snow camp.  Every winter, the churches in our denomination’s district send kids and counselors to one central camp for a weekend of tubing, sledding, indoor games, etc.  It’s a weekend full of fun and very little sleep! So, when Andy got home today, the house was full of happiness to have our missing member home.  There were lots of doggie whines, doggie kisses, doggie snuggles, doggie sniffs, and doggie tails wagging!  Our dogs are so funny because they hate when we pack a suitcase (because they’ve learned it means we are leaving) but they always want to see what’s in them when we are unpacking them.  Anyway, I captured some of the happy excitement today and I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.  This first one is probably my favorite of the bunch but the rest all come in at a close second. Day-18-Happy-8

I am also so very happy my honey is home!  It was a quiet weekend without him and I’m looking forward to being able to pick back up our nightly reading where we left off.  (We’ve been reading through The Lord of the Rings every night before bed – so fun!)  He’s the one person that makes things better – whether we are watching TV or hanging out with friends, it’s never the same when he isn’t here.  It’s always more enjoyable when we get to do things together.  Hopefully, one year, I’ll be well enough to be able to go to Snow Camp with him but until them, these weekends will serve as a reminder of just how much I love him and miss him when he’s gone. Day-18-Happy-12 I hope the little bit of happiness I was able to capture and share will help you smile and and brighten your day just a bit.  Thanks for reading!  Jen


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