Photo-A-Day: In My Home


Today the sun was shining and there was a bit of a breeze.  While the breeze was cool, the sun was warm and that makes for one of my favorite combinations.  It wasn’t quite “spring” warm but it was warmer than it has been outside and for today, I’ll take it.

I was fortunate that the sun was out today because it allowed me to show you one of my favorite spots in my home – the kitchen.  In the afternoon, we get all kinds of wonderful natural light in there and it makes it a very cheerful place to be.  It also allows me to take great photos with wonderful, natural light without having to step outside.

My snack this afternoon has become one of my new favorites; a few pieces of pepper jack cheese, a few slices of pepperoni, and half of a blood orange.  I love the way the blood oranges look, with their orange outsides and grapefruit red insides.  I have to be very careful with how many carbohydrates and sugars I consume so the sweetness of the blood orange is just right for me.

Anyway, let me show you a couple of photos I took today.  I think they showcase well, how wonderful natural light is and why it’s one of my favorite places in my home.


I don’t know about you but I find the way natural light showcases photos just dreamy!


Well, I hope your Monday wasn’t too horrible and I wish you a wonderful week!


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