Photo-A-Day: A Favorite Thing

Today’s assignment was somewhat difficult because I have so many favorite things!  Andy is my favorite person, Sadie and Penny are my two favorite non-humans, my Bible is a favorite because I believe it to be God’s word to us, my earrings are my favorite because a) Andy gave them to me for our first anniversary and b) I’ve worn them every day since then.

Other favorites include, my iMac, my iPhone, my camera, Amazon Prime, bacon, and warm vanilla steamers (warmed vanilla almond milk sweetened with stevia).

Let me be clear, my wedding ring is really my favorite ring because of what it symbolizes but today I wanted to show you my other favorite ring – the ring my Mom bought for me on one of her first visits out here to WA state.  She took me shopping to one of my favorite stores.  It’s called “Sister To Sister” and it’s located in Prosser, WA.  We were looking at their rings in the store and I found this one and fell in love!  She decided to buy it for me and I’ve worn it nearly every day since.


A few of the stones have fallen out due to heavy use but it’s hard to tell and it really doesn’t matter to me because I love the design so much.  It goes with just about everything I wear and I always wear it on my middle, right-hand finger.  So, thanks Mom for an awesome gift!  It truly is one of my favorite things.


Before I go for the day, I have to show you a few pictures of Penny.  She is in an extra good mood today and I think it’s because of the sunshine and slightly warmer weather we’ve had yesterday and today.  She was happy to spend a few minutes outside just sniffing til her hearts content. (Havanese dogs love to sniff everything!!  Andy’s Grandma Helen says they are the “sniffinest dogs she’s ever seen!!” hehe)


She also loves it when the sun shines through the porch doors because she really enjoys laying in the sunshine.

So, I’m taking a guess here, but one of Penny’s favorite things is a warm sunny day.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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