Photo-A-Day: Noise

Living where I do, there is much less noise than ever before.  I’ve lived in a suburb of St. Louis, in a college dorm for four years, and many many apartment buildings.  Noise was something I was never short of until moving to the country.

There is the occasional big truck or piece of farm equipment that drives by our road but seriously, that’s about it.  Oh wait, except for the owls.  I love them when they hoot but they also squawk terribly loud and for minutes on end!  If they are close enough to the house, they get the dogs barking, too.

So, unless I’m vacuuming, it’s usually very quiet here and I’m very thankful for that.  But at night, that can be a problem.  I’ve grown to where I cannot sleep without some kind of white noise.  It has to be steady, and loud enough, to drown out little off beat noises.  My arch nemesis is a ticking clock or watch.  I cannot sleep if I can hear them.  When my husband and I first got married, he was blown away that I asked him to put his watch inside his sock drawer instead of on top of his dresser when he was getting ready for bed.  I swear his watch was the loudest one I’ve ever heard and it would keep me up until all hours of the night.

That’s why, I am so very thankful for this little invention.  Sometimes, it’s too cold to use a fan in our bedroom.  So, the next best thing is a white noise machine.


I think this thing has been on 24/7 since I ordered it from Amazon about 4-5 years ago.  If I ever get well enough to travel, this will go with me as I can’t sleep without it now.  And I know this contraption doesn’t make for the prettiest picture, but it’s special to me and I couldn’t think of anything better to document for this assignment.  Thanks for stopping by!


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