Photo-A-Day: Ordinary

Today has been an ordinary kind of day.  Wednesdays are usually an early start because my husband attends a bible study at our church at 6am.  It’s a 45 minute drive to get there so it’s usually a 5am wake up call.  The only difference about today was that instead of going to bible study, he’s attending a farm conference in the Tri-Cities with his Dad.

After Andy leaves on Wednesday mornings, I usually spend some time reading Facebook, digital scrapbooking forums, and browsing Pinterest before I muster up the energy to make some breakfast.  Most weeks, I get to enjoy a new episode of NCIS while I eat but this week there was no new episode.  So, I watched Fixer Upper on HGTV instead.  After all that, I always take a nap.  My illness causes chronic fatigue and in order for me to have a half way decent day, I must sleep at least an hour between breakfast and lunch.  I often sleep 2 hours and sometimes 3 depending on how well I slept the night before.  But, just before I close my eyes, I always read my daily bible reading assignment.  I love the You Version Bible app and it really helps me stay on track so I get a daily reading in.

After I get up from my nap, it usually takes me 10-30 minutes to really wake up.  I then have some lunch.  After that, I get dressed and do my hair and/or makeup for the day.  The afternoon is when I can be the most productive.  Today I spent a couple hours working on a tutorial for Digital Scrapper.  Sometime around 4 or 4:30, I usually have a snack.  And often, that snack is accompanied by a vanilla steamer.  I have one every morning with my breakfast (since I can no longer drink coffee) and often have at least one more throughout the day – especially if it’s cold outside.

There’s something about a warm, comforting drink that makes me happy.


I add a little stevia to sweeten up my warmed vanilla flavored almond milk and it’s become one of my favorite beverages to enjoy.  It’s an ordinary part of my day and I wanted to showcase it for today’s assignment.

I hope this finds you warm and cozy on this foggy and slightly chilly winter’s day.  Thanks for stopping by!


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