Photo-A-Day: From Where I Stand

Today it felt a little bit like spring!  It was 50˚+ outside and the sun was shining.  It was so nice, I had to spend a little time outside while I could, so Tabitha and I went for a short walk to the main road and back.  I normally take the dogs with me when I walk our driveway but it’s still very muddy out and I wasn’t up to having to give the girls a bath today.  But after the walk, I let them outside into the grassy yard and let them run around for awhile and they loved it!

For today’s assignment of “From Where I Stand”, I wanted to show you a picture of the country side all around our home.  It’s rugged and rough country but it’s beautiful to me and I wanted to share it with you.  So here’s me standing in the middle of our main road.


Here’s the view from this very spot:

Isn’t it gorgeous?!  I think so.  Living here is such a blessing and I can’t thank God enough for blessing us with this home.  The dogs sure seem to love it here, too!  They love our front yard (it’s like a mini-park,) and so I had to snap some pictures of the fun they had chasing each other around.

And here’s their smiling faces after coming inside.  They were so happy it was nice enough to play for a bit and then of course, I was about to give them a treat as well…

It really was a beautiful day today.  We finished off the night playing Rummikub and Dominos and watching Brain Games on NatGeo TV.  Well, it’s time for me to sign off and probably go get sucked into another round of Trivia Crack.  Thanks for stopping by!


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