Photo-A-Day: Imperfect

Today has been a gorgeous day!  We just got back inside from letting the dogs romp around the yard for awhile.  It was near 60˚ today and tasted much like spring.  While the warm weather will probably be gone in a few days, we enjoyed it while it was here.

Even though the weather was near perfect today, my assignment was to capture something that might represent “imperfect”.  While I believe nothing under heaven has been perfect except Christ, God still blesses us by giving us days of good weather, friends who help us through hard times, spouses that are beyond what you dreamed you could have, and so so many other things.

In some ways, I thought this tree in our front yard was a good representation of what I was looking for.


It reminds me of a song by Jars Of Clay called “Two Hands”.  The idea behind the song is that if we could have both of our hands focused on praising God and living for Him, instead of often being split in our devotion, we could be much better people, etc.  This tree obviously has two sides.  One is much taller than the other.  It’s not perfect in shape or form and yet in the spring, it’s still pretty to see it’s leaves bud out and become alive again.  I could speak much about the parallels here but I think you probably see where I am going with this so I’ll just say this.  I think this tree shows the idea behind the song in that we are all imperfect no matter hard we try not to be.  While we cannot let our imperfections keep us from trying to be better (because we might feel defeated), we also must never give up and never stop trying to be the people God has called us to be.

So, if you’re feeling less than perfect and don’t know where to go from here, stop and pray and ask God for His help.  He knows you’re not perfect and He is head-over-heels in love with you anyway and just wants you to let Him into your life.  Jesus died for you knowing who’d you be and the mistakes you’d make long before you were ever born.  Imperfection is His speciality and He longs to help you if you’ll only let Him.

Ok, now that I’ve explained my assignment, I’m going to go from being deep to less important but still lovely things.  While I was outside today, I noticed the moon was showing and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.  I love looking at the moon and seeing it shine in a clear blue sky.


I also love it when my dogs are happy.  They love getting to explore outside but they also love (maybe even more) getting a treat when we come back in.  Here’s a shot of them enjoying their treat after their little romp in the yard:

Well, I hope your weekend has been a good one!  Thanks for stopping by!


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