Photo-A-Day: Simple

I’m so glad today’s assignment was what it was.  It’s been a very long day and I’m looking forward to crawling into bed and hopefully crashing into the pillow.  Long story short, I had a doctor’s appointment today and it’s a 1.5 hour drive one way.  My chronic illness makes it very hard for me to travel because I’m almost always in pain and I’m always low on energy.  On top of that, I did not sleep well at all last night and I have had horrible leg aches all day.  It feels like I have shin splints that go from my ankles to my hips.

All that said, I must praise the Lord because it really was because of Him I was able to get through that big of a trip on bad sleep and feeling so poorly.  Being able to make that trip today under less than ideal sleep/circumstances, just shows me that I am making progress even if it’s not instant or over night.  And that’s a big deal after being so sick for 5 years!

One of the things I like about getting out of the house is getting to wear real shoes!  (Yes, I’m a girl and I’m ok with that.)  hehe  I normally just wear slippers or flip flops around the house so getting to wear shoes is not something I do regularly.  One of my new favorite pairs of shoes are my navy blue Keds:


I love the simple color combination of navy blue and white as these babies go with just about anything.  I also love their simple design and most importantly, how comfortable they are.  I also enjoy the little details like the thin blue line in the white rubber sole and the placement of the “Keds” brand name in the different places on the shoes:

It’s a simple shoe but that’s why I like it.  So, it was an easy thing for me to pick for this assignment today.

Another little blessing today was seeing the joy on my doggies’ faces when we got home!  I’m not usually gone so they were extra happy to see me after being away for 4.5 hours.  They always make coming home such a treat and I can’t imagine life at home any other way.

Well, I feel so tired and yet so grateful that my heart could burst!  Time to sign off and get ready for (hopefully) a much better night’s sleep.


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