Photo-A-Day: Jump!

When I saw today’s assignment, at first I was wondering just how I was going to accomplish this.  Jump?!  I’m too old for this!!!  Then I started playing with my dogs this morning and I knew this would be perfect!

Of the two, Sadie is much more of a play kind of dog.  She loves to fetch, wrestle, rough-house, etc and she never seems to run out of energy.  Penny is pretty much the opposite.  She has crazy spurts that happen once every few months where she likes to play for a few minutes but otherwise, she’d rather lay on the couch and relax.

When Sadie jumps, she stands on her hind legs and puts her two front legs out to balance like a ballerina:


She usually hops around on her hind legs in a circular movement as she waits to grab whatever I’m dangling for her to catch.  She is really good at balancing and we can get her to “walk” on her hind legs for a small distance if we have something especially tasty we are holding on to.  Here’s a few more pictures of us playing and her either mid jump or about to jump:

Both of my girls are just so darn cute and I love seeing their happy faces!  Penny is not one to jump often but when she does, it’s either for her favorite treat or she’s scared and nothing else will make her move as fast as those two things.  Most often, Penny does this sort of twirl/spin instead of jumping and I caught a couple pictures of her mid twirl to prove it.  (Pay no attention to the mess on the floor please!)

Penny is also MUCH better at posing for the camera.  I swear Sadie’s mission in life is to look away as much as she can when I’m about to capture a cute picture of her but Penny, as long as she can just sit there, she’ll stare at the lens all day long.

They are both so cute and I love them to pieces!  I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday.  Thanks for stopping by!


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