Photo-A-Day: Candid

Today was one of those really calm, foggy, quiet kind of days.  It was very hard to get motivated to do much of anything as Netflix can be so enticing on days like today.  While I did get a few things done, it wasn’t as much as I would have liked but somedays, that’s just the way it goes.

Tonight, I captured some pictures of Andy playing with the girls.  They always get so happy when he comes home and especially for Sadie, it usually means play time as soon as dinner is done.


Here’s a few more shots of Sadie and Andy playing:

And while Sadie was playing with Andy, here’s the level of excitement Penny had…


Penny wasn’t entirely stationary as we did get her to come down and do a trick:


This is her “Give Me Five” trick!  She’s great at it but she doesn’t always want to do it.  Sometimes she’ll barely touch my hand and run just to protest me asking for another “five”.  She still loves having Daddy time, it’s just different from the way Sadie does it.  It’s usually more about cuddles and sniffs and then once she’s done, she’s done as seen below:

You can see in that last picture, she’s like “Ok, get away from me!  I’m done with you now.”  So, here’s a few candid pictures that let you see life as normal in our home.  Well, that’s it for me today.  Wishing you all a wonderful evening!


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