Photo-A-Day: A Personality Trait

My husband and I have many things in common.  We are both the oldest of our siblings, we both have the same ideas on God, money, relationships, etc.  We see many things in very similar ways.  But, one of the ways that we are different is his need to always be prepared or have a backup plan to his backup plan.  I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the idea of being prepared, because I do.  I am the kind of girl that takes a big purse everywhere because I never want to be without something I might need.  That’s the normal kind of be prepared.  Right?

And while my honey does do things that are the normal for being prepared, he also does a few things that aren’t.  One of them is his need to wear socks at all times.  The only time he doesn’t wear socks is when he’s showering.  It all started when he was a kid.  He had watched a show on PBS about some type of lizard and he was just sure it was going to bite his toes while he was asleep in bed if he didn’t wear socks to protect his feet.  Try as his Mom did, she could never break him of the habit and let me tell you, she tried!  She even made “training socks” for him that had the toes cut out to get him used to his toes being free and he wouldn’t give up his socks for anything.  I still laugh every time I recall this story because the idea of training socks just cracks me up!

Ok, so to this day, no matter how hot he is, he will always wear socks to bed.  It’s the same with pajamas.  If it’s hot enough, you’d think he’d take his t-shirt off or wear shorts to bed but nope, his argument is what if there’s a fire…  So, while there is no direct link or connection from the socks to his preparedness, it’s indirectly related and something I thought perfect to showcase for today’s assignment:


(And yes, this photo is staged – there is no way in real life he would ever, I mean EVER, sleep with his feet sticking out of the covers!  If the sheets aren’t just right, he can’t get comfortable in bed, let alone fall asleep.)

So, while I enjoy preparedness, I also enjoy the benefits of changing my mind.  If I’m hot, I take my socks off.  If I’m cold, I wear socks to bed.  If I wake up hot, I can fall back to sleep without the covers on me, something Andy is not able to do.  In the end, we both like things how we like them, he’s just much more strict about his ideas and sticking to them than I am.  But I wouldn’t have him any other way because he’s the best person God could ever have given me to share this life with and I love him so much!

Well, that’s it for today!  I hope this Friday finds you well and comfortable.  Thanks for stopping by!  Jen


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