Photo-A-Day: On My Plate

Hi!  I have had a good Saturday and I hope you have, as well.

Today started with some beauty in the morning sky.  When we first woke up, everything here was clear but all around us you could see fringes of fog slowly encroaching on our little town.  The biggest bank of fog was to the south and east:

It looked somewhat like the movies when there’s a dust storm rolling in but instead of dust, it was clouds (fog).  This also had an interesting effect on the sky looking west as the sun came up:


I like to think the sky was tickled pink.  ;o)  Anyway, it was beautiful and made the chore of cooking breakfast much more pleasant.  Here’s one more shot of it, just for fun:


After the gorgeous sunrise, the fog really moved in.  By about 10am, we were back to hardly being able to see the main road again.  After a great nap, I woke up to my hubby coming home early (Hooray!!) and we got to have lunch together!  The afternoon we spent cleaning and going through more tubs of stuff from the garage.  We purged a lot of stuff today.  It felt good but some of the things we came across in those tubs brought out some old memories from our university days.  After having a small cry about missing those times, I was over it and ready to finally part with some stuff I’d been hanging onto for over 10 years now.  (Man I’m OLD!)  It felt good to reminisce and we found a jackpot of some great photos I can use for Throwback Thursday, too.

Well, after that, we had dinner, which brings me to my assignment.  I have been craving junk food this week so I decided to make a pizza (low-carb of course).  It turned out amazing and really hit the spot!  Anyway, I know greasy pizza isn’t the best subject for beautiful photography but it’s what I ate today and so that’s what you’re gonna see.

After some TV, he is now playing his Xbox and I am well, right here at the computer.  It’s been a great day together with him and I’m so glad tomorrow is Sunday because that means we can have another day together tomorrow, too!  Wishing you a great weekend!!


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