Week 3: A Review

Ok, the Week 3 Review is a little late.  I should have posted this on Monday or Tuesday but Monday was a big day for me and it threw the whole week off.  Due to my chronic illness, traveling is very difficult for me.  Monday, I had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, in Yakima, which is a 1.5 hours drive one way.  Sunday night, I did NOT sleep well and I was in high amounts of pain.  This led to Monday not being a great day but God got me through it and I made it to Yakima and back in one piece.  I was exhausted and in much pain but it was a good visit with the doctor and he was very happy with the progress I’ve been making.

So, when something big like that happens, it usually takes a day or two to recover from but this time, I bounced back pretty quickly all things considered.  It still threw off my routine but I’m starting to catch up now.

Anyway, here’s my scrapbook page featuring the Week 3 Photo-A-Day photos:


I’ll hopefully have Week 4’s review posted on time which will only be in a couple of days.  Anyway, here’s wishing you a fun Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow!


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