Photo-A-Day: Below

When I saw today’s assignment, I knew the perfect subject for my photo.  Ever since we moved up here this summer, I’ve been there to see them a few times and every single time I go, I still get this trippy, vertigo type feeling when I look up for the first time.  They are so big and move so fast that it really throws my mind for a loop when I first glance at them.


It’s crazy how small they make you feel when you’re right up under them.  These wind turbines stand there spinning all day and all night and it was just the thing for my “below” assignment today.  Here’s a few more pictures from today’s outing:

And, whenever we go somewhere and get back home, it’s always a race to the driver’s door to see which dog can get out first…


They stand there and wait for the door to open so they can jump out and run to the house.  Well, I hope you’re having a good Super Bowl Sunday.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy today’s photos!


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