Photo-A-Day: Share

Today’s assignment was an easy one!  We do a lot of sharing in our home and one of the dogs’ favorite is when we share our food.  They never get much, only a bite (or two), but they always love getting a taste – especially Penny.

My snack this afternoon was some pepper-jack cheese and pepperoni with a glass of unsweetened almond milk.  It hit the spot and it’s one of Penny’s favorites (anything with cheese and she’s a big fan)!

The pepperoni takes the place of a cracker (since I have to low-carb things) and it’s rather tasty.  Anyway, here is evidence of said sharing:

A few shots of me sharing, couple shots of her licking her chops, and one that shows evidentiary crumbs for proof of said sharing.  I did try to share with Sadie.  She even came over to sniff things out but she wasn’t hungry and walked away both from the cheese and pepperoni:

Well, I hope your week has started off ok.  We got a wonderful rain shower here this morning and we’re praising God for that!  Thanks for stopping by.


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