Photo-A-Day: Shallow

I was wondering how I would try to capture the idea of shallow today and then the weather gave me the perfect subject:  clouds.  Most of the year, clouds are way up high, something you can’t touch or reach unless you’re in an airplane.  But, during the winter, we have lots of heavy fog and that means the clouds are right on the ground where you are.  They have a shallow depth to them as you’ll see from my photos.

At first, the fog wasn’t too bad.  I could still see town:


But you can see, the tops of the trees were starting to disappear into the shallow clouds.


As the day wore on, the fog has gotten much thicker and I can no longer see town.  It’s like I live inside my very own cloud – how cool is that?!

I love the sense of mystery some of these photos have.  Fog has that effect since you can’t see what’s beyond a few feet in front of you.  And while it makes for a quiet and sleepy kind of day, it’s still pleasant and calm and I’ll take it.


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