Photo-A-Day: Unfinished

I’ve had a good day with Jes and Andy.  It’s always good when Jes is here even if I am tired and hurting.  Today I struggled with getting a nap again.  Two days in a row with no nap is starting to kick in hard but hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight and get a great nap tomorrow morning.

I’m also tired and sore because today we started to tackle an unfinished project in the house; the third bedroom.  It’s been our ‘dump all’ since we moved in and it was time to start going through it and getting organized.  Having Jes to help us was a HUGE blessing and we got much more done because she was here!

Here’s a couple of before pictures of the room:  (scary, I know!)

And here’s a picture of the two huge garbage bags full of stuff we purged:


Here’s what the room looks like now:

So, the room is still an unfinished project but now it’s something we can tackle more easily thanks to help from the sis!  Speaking of my sister, there was a cute moment this morning that I caught on camera.  Andy and I got up before Jes did and we had started making breakfast.  Penny was so excited to see Jes, that she sat facing the hallway (where she would walk out to the kitchen from her bedroom,) and waited and waited for her to show up.

I love the loyalty of dogs.  They are so loving and make our lives so much better!  Well, I’m pretty tired so I’m gonna wish you all a good night!  Thanks for reading!!


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