Photo-A-Day: Work

Up until recently, I hadn’t worked in over 4 years.  I’ve been chronically ill for just shy of 5 years now and working a “normal” job is not something I am capable of doing.  This last year, though, I’ve been well enough to work a few hours a week from home and it’s been such a blessing!  I started making tutorials for Digital Scrapper this last summer and now I’m also their (very new) Social Media Director.  It’s been such a dream to make a little money having fun with one of my favorite hobbies (digital scrapbooking)!

So, for today’s picture, I decided to show you my workspace.  We have this office area in our home and it’s perfect because I can see both the living room and the kitchen at the same time.  I can look out the windows on both side of the house from here, too.  Someday, I hope to be able to buy a nicer desk (something that has some drawers) but for now, the one we have will do just fine.


This computer is where I do all my recording for my video tutorials!  Having a big screen is a lifesaver when it comes to reading a script while performing functions in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements:


I do end up splitting my work between this machine and my old trusty laptop.  When it comes to typing up things, I usually do that while sitting on the couch, as it’s much more comfortable than the office chair we currently have.

So, that’s my set-up.  It’s great being able to contribute a little to our family’s income again and to be able to do that from my home, in my pajamas if need be, is a true blessing!  I hope you all are having an okay Monday and thanks for stopping by!


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