Photo-A-Day: Out & About

First, let me show you how I got to start my day:


We had a beautiful sunrise this morning and I just had to share an image of it with you!  Another thing I’d like to share is another photo of my moth friend from yesterday:


He turned himself almost 90˚ yesterday before he took off yesterday. (I have no idea if it’s a he or she but I’m going with he because I secretly named him Spot.)  Anyway, I want to show another picture of Spot so you could see his wings better.  In fact, now that I’m looking at him again, his spots on his wings almost look like a heart – just in time for Valentine’s Day!  So, God sent me a little Valentine early and I think that’s cool.

Now, when I saw today’s photo assignment, it was hard for me to not imagine all the cool places here in our part of WA I would go to take photos if I wasn’t ill.  There are so many beautiful sights to see and someday, I hope I’ll be able to share them here.  But today, especially since I’m also fighting a cold on top of everything else, I kept it close and simple.  Friday is the day that my friend Tabitha comes to bring me groceries and then to hang out.  So, today, I asked her to drive me to town (it’s like 1.5 minutes away from our house) so I could get the mail.  The dogs came with as they love riding in the car – especially Sadie – and especially on days like today when we can roll the windows down!

So, are there days where I dream of all the things I wish could do?  Yep!  Like shopping somewhere other than my computer!  Man, do I miss shopping!!  I also miss girls’ nights out and church and bible study and dinner with friends and movies at the theater, etc.  But, then I remember that God has me here, in this place, for a reason.  He has a purpose for it or He wouldn’t allow it.  And so I find ways to be satisfied right here where I am.  This isn’t always easy but I try my hardest to be content and trust in His timing for healing and until then, my little piece of h[e]aven is just where I want to be!


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