Photo-A-Day: Wheel

Today’s assignment was perfect!  Yesterday, my husband brought home a “treasure” he found out in a field yesterday.  It’s an old horse drawn plow that was just rusting away.  This kind of thing is perfect for yard art around here so he set it up next to our drive way for the time being:


Here’s a close up of the old metal wheel:


Anyway, I think it’s super neat and I hope you do, too!  Speaking of neat, today was a neat day!  My Sunday’s are very different from what they used to be (before becoming chronically ill).  I am one of those people that loves church!  My faith in Jesus is very important to me and being able to share that with a church family every Sunday has always been something I loved.  After getting sick, going to church became something I could no longer do.  Chronic fatigue means sleeping most of the morning hours after breakfast.  I hope, someday, I’ll be well enough to get back to going to church regularly again.  The sooner the better!  But in the mean time, my Sunday’s are still special.

After breakfast, Andy gets ready for church and he leaves so he is on time to teach the Jr. High Sunday School class.  He has a gift at being able to handle that special age group better than most people!  After he leaves, I lay down for my morning nap.  Once I’m up, (which is usually close to noon,) I make lunch and watch a Sunday School video from my church.  Our church video tapes our Adult Sunday School class each week and so I get to watch it via the YouTube app on my Amazon Fire Stick for our TV.  Andy usually gets home about the time I’m finishing up the video and then on days like today, there’s often yard work for him and some house work for me.

Today, however, I spent some time outside as it was so gorgeous out!

The girls LOVE being outside on days like today and sitting out on the back patio is something we all enjoy!  After some time of soaking in some vitamin D, I came inside to get ready for friends to come visit.  Two of the young adults that go to our church and work for our farm, have been coming here to do a Bible study with me.  We met again today and are two sessions away from finishing up our study on the book of Daniel.  It was fun to see them again (as it’s been awhile) and we had a great time visiting!

Well, that’s it for now.  Thanks again for stopping by to see my photo assignment and I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!


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