Photo-A-Day: Numbers

Today’s assignment had me outside exploring around my house and yard. Well, me and my two furry photo assistants, that is. I decided to find numbers around me and while a couple of them are a bit of a stretch, it still won’t be hard to see why I chose what I did for each number:


It was fun looking at objects in a new way; trying to see numbers instead of the actual item. Speaking of numbers, I’m trying desperately to break myself of what’s now considered an out-of-date habit. The two space break after each sentence. It is NOT easy. I was taught two spaces while in school (which dates me, I know) and I have used it my whole life. But everyone says now to drop the extra space so I’m going to try to get with the times and do it. It won’t be easy and you’ll probably see more than one slip up while reading my blog, but I’m going to try and that has to count for something, right?

Thanks for stopping by and I so hope you enjoyed my version of the numbers photo-a-day assignment. Happy Wednesday!


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