Photo-A-Day: Picture in a Picture

I had lots of ideas for this assignment but in the end, I chose this:


This picture is special because it was taken to commemorate when my husband’s Great Grandpa George won Soil Conservation Farmer of the Year in 1960 along with his two sons, Bob and Tom.  Bob is on the left (he has since passed away) and Tom is on the right.  It’s also special because it’s one of the very few pictures of the three of them together on the farm during this time.  It means a lot to my husband in terms of our farm’s history and so I chose to showcase it today because it’s so special to him.

And, just to prove to you that this is a picture in a picture, here’s the full photograph:


I used a simple rounded rectangle to clip the photo to in photoshop.  The frame is old and tarnishing and I just wanted to showcase the photo, not the frame, and I really like how it turned out.

Well, I hope your Tuesday has been a good one!  Thanks for stopping by.


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