Photo-A-Day: Not a Fan of…

…what nose strips do to my face! Don’t get me wrong, I love nose-strips for how they help me breathe at night when I have a cold. And, they keep me from snoring so Andy can sleep, too. But, I do NOT like what the strips do to my face when I take them off. Normally, it just hurts and that’s all. But today, it drew blood:


Obviously, it wasn’t much blood but still, it made an open sore on my nose. To be fair, I do have very sensitive skin. It doesn’t take much for my skin to get irritated. Once, in high school, I was staying at a friend’s house and needed to wash my face so I used her Noxima. Big mistake! My face felt like it had a sun burn for a couple of hours. It was red like I had one, too! So, it’s not all the nose strips fault. And, like I said, I do like what they do for my breathing, just NOT what they do to my face the next morning.

As a side note, please be kind. I took this photo in the morning before doing any make-up or hair. You get the raw, un-cut version of me today. Thanks for stopping by!


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