Photo-A-Day: Favorite Treat

Let me start off by saying that this post just might change your life! Ok, maybe not. But it’s close to life changing for so many good reasons.

First of all, for those that don’t know, I live with a chronic illness. I also live with hypoglycemia or carbohydrate intolerance. It took me 30+ years to figure out what was wrong with me in regards to my weight/always hungry issue. Now that I know, that I can’t touch any refined sugar or much for carbs of any kind, I’ve lost weight and I don’t have to eat all the time.

One of the hardest things to give up was chocolate. It’s very hard to find chocolate out there that is safe for me to eat. But, one of my favorite brands of stevia, NuNuturals, recently came out with a Cocoa Syrup that is simply water, glycerin, cocoa, and stevia. And it’s tasty, too!

I am a big fan of unsweetened almond milk since I have a hard time digesting regular milk. But I’ve always loved milk since I was a kid. Chocolate milk was always a fun treat but the regular stuff has tons of sugar and is not good for you. So, when this new product came along, I had to try it because it was finally something I could safely consume! So pictured below is all I need for a quick chocolate fix and it’s now my new favorite treat:


Anyway, I know it sounds like I’m putting in a plug for NuNaturals but I really do just like their stuff. Their stevia is the best tasting I’ve tried so far. It doesn’t have that bitter aftertaste that most stevia products have. Anyway, this bottle will last awhile as a little goes a long way. All I need is to put a little bit in the bottom of the glass (unlike when we’re kids and we dump the chocolate syrup in for as long as we can until our Mom notices):

Next, you just add the milk of your choice and stir well:

That’s it! It’s even hubby approved as he tried some in his “regular” milk yesterday and really liked it.

Well, I should be going but before I do, I want to rant about something different. It’s fairly cloudy today and that’s normally just fine. But, I was so hoping to see the Mars, Venus, and Moon conjunction tonight. If by some miracle it does clear off in time, I’ll try to snap a picture or two but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe I’ll have a better chance tomorrow even though it won’t be as close of a conjunction tomorrow evening. Ok, that’s it. Happy Friday and thanks for reading!


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