Photo-A-Day: Clean

Today, the dogs were in desperate need of a bath! It worked perfectly for today’s assignment so I managed to capture some photos of the whole process. (Trust me, it’s a process.)

Here’s a few before pictures of my girls. Penny had taken the pleasure to lick out what little was left in my soup bowl – hence the orange beard:

Here’s a picture of each dog in the bath tub just beforehand. Both of them are giving me the big-eyed-have-pity-on-me-face!

Shortly after this, they were CLEAN! I use a wonderful dog shampoo and conditioner and they always smell so good afterwards.

After the towel dry comes the predictable doggie craze:

Then, they calm down and get a treat for being good. Here they are waiting for me to just take the picture already because they want their treat!!


Penny devours hers and then proceeded to poop in my closet on the floor. Then she tried to eat it to hide the evidence of said pooping. Ugh! Bless her heart, she hates to get in trouble but that is so gross!!! I should have let her out as soon as she finished her treat but she didn’t bark like she usually does when she needs to go. Sadie, she hid her treat and laid next to it for hours while she was air drying:


Eventually, I got Sadie to sit in my lap with her treat to help her warm up as she was a little cold. Penny had already burrowed into a blanket so she was mostly dry by this point. To wrap up the bathing process, once they are dry, I put their collars back on. This is always special to them. I don’t know why but they always get really excited when they get their collars back on!


Now that that is done, here’s a couple more pictures of them being cute!

So, while bath time is a process, and something they don’t really like, it’s always a bonding experience in some way and they are always much happier when it’s done (and they smell much better too)! I hope you enjoyed a peek into our day and thank you for stopping by.


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