Photo-A-Day: Change

Change is something that is ever present. There is nothing in life that is free or safe from change. As with most things, change can be for good and it can also be for bad. Sometimes, it’s how you look at it and sometimes it’s just what life throws your way. I personally believe that nothing happens unless God has allowed it. My illness, for example, while a change for the bad in many ways, has also had many positive repercussions as well.

Moving on… One of my favorite types of change is that of the changing seasons. I am a weather nerd and also enjoy weather changes. One of things I love about this time of year is that the sun stays up longer each day! I snapped these pictures at 5:45pm this afternoon and it captured perfectly the change from day to night otherwise known as dusk:


I think some also call this the blue hour. Whatever you call it, I found it to be especially beautiful tonight with the clouds and colors that were on display.


I love that this isn’t taking place so early in the day now! It’s hard to believe but March is almost here!! Soon my guy will be so busy working hard to get the spring seeding done. While I long for the nicer days, I must admit I will miss him being home more often. But, change is part of life, and I must do my best to roll with it and enjoy each day as best I can! Thanks for reading and have a great night.


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