Photo-A-Day: Peaceful

Today is nothing less than gorgeous! As I type this, I am sitting at my desk with my patio door open so I can hear the meadowlarks sing back and forth to each other. It’s one of the most peaceful sounds in the world and it’s one of the many reasons I love living here.

Today is warm. 65˚ warm! And the sun is shining, the wind is calm, and it’s just simply perfect. I took the dogs outside again today which is a record for me. I have walked my dogs every day this week! A year ago, I would never have thought that was possible so I’ll take whatever small progress I can get and thank God for it!

Anyway, after our walk, we spent some time outside in the front yard:


The dogs have loved getting outside everyday and with each walk, Sadie gets better about not pulling so hard on the leash. They loved having some play time in the yard, too. As you can see, a few favorite activities are sniffing, rolling in the grass, and running and pouncing on each other. I saw my first lady bug of this year and it was a neat reminder that spring is pretty much here.

Afterwards, I made another batch of my low carb muffins. My house smells amazing between the baked goods and the fresh air! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday and remember to turn your clocks ahead one hour tonight if you live where they practice Daylight Savings.

Thanks for reading!


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