Photo-A-Day: Faded

Today is another beautiful spring day! I’ve been working on the computer most of the day and finally at about five, I was able to get outside for a quick walk. The girls love it but now that the driveway is drying out, they tend to sneeze while we’re walking because of all the sniffing they do and sniffing up dry dirt is not something they are used to.

Here’s a picture of how Penny recovers after a walk:


While this is a pretty normal, it still cracks me up to see her like this! A rough life indeed.

Even though spring is here and is allowing me all kinds of time outside, the landscape is still pretty blah. I thought it would be the perfect picture for the topic of faded as that’s exactly how it looks outside.


Granted, we live in a semi-arid environment anyway but right now, most of the land is just different shades of brown:

There are a few pops of green beginning to emerge but it’s still a very dull and faded landscape in general. But even so, it still has it’s own sense of beauty and when the sun sets, it lights up all the brown and dried out grasses with a golden shimmer.

Well, my dinner is ready so that’s it for me today. Thanks for stopping by!


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