Photo-A-Day: The Written Word

Because of technology, I don’t often hand write notes or letters. It’s also much easier on my hands for me to type at a keyboard than to sit down with a pen and paper. So, for today’s picture, I decided to just note the date and that I was here for proof that I still actually know how to use a pen:


So, yeah, my handwriting is not what I would call gorgeous but it’s mine and it’s a part of me now. I can look at how I sign my last name and see the years of working at the bank. (Signing my name over and over again made me reduce my last name to a barely illegible swoop.) I can see how a friend from my teen years influenced my writing because I added a dash into my 7 and Z just because I thought it looked cool when they did it. I can also see my time at UND. This was where my mix of printing and writing combined into one unique handwriting all my own.

Well, I hope you have a great rest of the day! I must be off now and go spend some time outside for a bit. Thanks for reading!


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