Photo-A-Day: In The Past

For me, when it comes to food, the past five years have brought me drastic change! I have had to give up gluten (due to an intolerance), some dairy, all sugar (except for that which occurs naturally in foods like fruit), and most carbs.


Giving up all of this food has helped me lose 70 lbs! And while I still have some weight to lose, I’m healthier than I’ve ever been before and my blood counts prove it.

So, while I do still crave “bad for me” foods, I do not miss what they did to me and how they made me feel. It’s so nice to not be hungry all the time anymore and being rid of that is worth putting all this food in the past.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day: In The Past

  1. Congrats on the 70 pound loss! What an accomplishment! Eating better does make you feel better. I’ve found eating avocados helps me stay full not to mention all the fantastic benefits I get from eating them. The best to you, Koko❀❀❀


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