Photo-A-Day: Loyal

As you have probably figured out, I really love my dogs! I could go on and on about what blessings they are but today I want to focus on just one of their traits I adore.

As I’m guessing with most dogs, my two girls are pretty loyal. They like to follow me around the house to see what I’m doing and they always want to be in the same room I’m in. Their favorite thing is for me to be in the living room, on the couch. Penny sits on the couch with me and Sadie has various spots she favors as well. They each have many pillows and blankets to sleep on and that is partly why they enjoy the living room. It’s the most comfortable. When Andy is home, they are big fans of all four of us being in the same place. They don’t wine or pitch fits if we’re not, but you can tell they aren’t happy if we’re split up working on chores, etc.

When I’m in the office working at the desk, I usually see a variation of this:


They give up their most comfy spots in the living room to be closer to me in the office. I think that’s sweet and pretty darn loyal. Granted, Penny loves to sleep in the sunlight so that’s an added bonus for her but she’s always glad when I’m done here so we can go back to the living room.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of each of them while displaying their loyalty:

I’m so thankful for these two and how special they make me feel with their loyalty! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures and thanks for stopping by.


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