Photo-A-Day: Spring

Today is the first full day of spring and I’m so glad I live somewhere that (on average) follows the seasons as per the calendar. I was born and raised in this little town in North Dakota. There, the winters span from October to May/June and spring and fall each only last 1-3 weeks (or at least that’s how it feels). So, when everyone was celebrating Spring, we were still buried knee deep in snow and cold and wishing for warmer days. And, while I will always miss my home state of ND, I do not miss their weather and I’m so glad to live where I do.

Up until this last week, there weren’t too many signs of spring except for the blue birds being back (I took this picture a few weeks back as they’ve been around since the last few days of February.)


Today I went outside and was actually able to see signs of spring in the plant life. We had a good rain this past Sunday and since then, the plants (and weeds) have finally decided to start waking up. My favorite shot from today’s wanderings in my yard:


Here’s a few more pictures I took as proof that spring is upon us:

So, if you’re somewhere buried in snow, I feel your pain. Please let these pictures bring you some cheer as you patiently wait for your spring to come.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend – Jen


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