Photo-A-Day: Black & White

This morning, I took some pictures of my girls mid morning. Our house faces east so when the sun rises, our living room fills with beautiful sunlight. There’s just something about natural lighting that makes black and white photographs even better.

This time of day (mid-morning), due to my illness and the constant fatigue that comes with it, I am winding down (after making breakfast and getting my hubby out the door for work) and getting ready for my nap. I have to take a good 1-3 hour nap every day in order to have a decent rest of the day. So, the girls are used to this routine and they especially enjoy the nap part of it. In fact, they are usually snuggled in to their spots and sleeping before I get the chance to lay down.

Sadie has her favorite chair. In it, is her dog bed with a blanket so she doesn’t scratch up the leather. This is a common sight in our house on any given day:

Penny’s favorite spot is on the couch next to me. She likes to sleep on the pillows or the blanket when I’m not using them myself. When I do lay down, she lays by my feet or sometimes lays on my torso if she’s feeling extra snuggly (which isn’t too often):

These two have comfort down to a science! They know what they like and I’m ok with that. I’m just glad they have a home where they feel love and are safe. Thanks for looking and I hope you have had a wonderful Monday!


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