Photo-A-Day: Unique

So, I was struggling all day to figure out just what to showcase for today’s topic of unique. But then I remembered my tree outside in our front yard:


You may not “see” it at first but once someone pointed it out to me, I can’t not see it now! The trunk of this tree has a very womanly shape with curves in all the right places. Haha! It’s definitely a unique tree and worth showcasing for today’s topic.

And, just before I came to sit down and work on this post, I had to let Penny outside for a bathroom break and I saw this sunset:


It’s not everyday you see the sunlight do this as it sets, creating a vertical shot of gorgeous light that highlights the edges of some of the clouds! It was so pretty and I’m so glad I had time to snap a few pictures of it before it was gone. Here’s one more just for fun:


So, as the day comes to a close, I wish you a restful weekend! Thanks for looking!!


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