Photo-A-Day: Together

Something my husband and I started doing a few months ago was reading a book together. How it works is I read it out loud and he listens. We usually read a little bit each night before we go to bed but sometimes, at the really good parts, we’ll read after dinner instead of watching TV. I’ve never really read a whole book out loud before, let alone three, but it actually made the story more real and alive to me and I really enjoyed it! The three books were a total of 1008 pages! I read every single word of it out loud and I think that’s kinda fun!!


As you can tell, we are pretty big fans nerds when it comes to Tolkien. We have all the Extended Version movies and we can’t wait until the last Hobbit movie (the extended version) comes out this fall! My husband especially likes the history and back stories that come with the saga. I revel in the battle of good vs. evil. In the end, it’s something we’ve grown to enjoy and look forward to each day and I’m so glad we get to share stuff like this together!

Now that we’ve finished the books, we will watch through the three movies again. I can’t wait until he’s done with yard work so we can start where we left off from this morning with the first movie!

I think our next set of books to read might be the Harry Potter series. Andy has never read them and he’s only seen one or two of the movies. I really hope he enjoys them as much as I do as I really look forward to reading through them again.

Thanks for stopping by – have a great rest of the day!


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