Photo-A-Day: Sunlight

Today is one of those typical spring days where the sun is warm but the shade and breeze are cool. It would probably be a little warmer if it wasn’t for the clouds:


I love days like today where the clouds are puffy and you can imagine all sorts of things in their shape and movement as they float across the sky. And even though the clouds filter the sun for most of the day, there are moments when the sun comes out and warms your face and you feel a sense of hope just because of it:




Another way to capture sunlight is to capture the shadows it casts upon the ground:


Coincidentally, this photo also captures my two dogs being very disobedient as I try to call them to come and they sniff along in the other direction. I’ve never had two dogs more interested in sniffing the life out of everything than these two!

Anyway, thanks for looking and for stopping by my little place here in the digi world. Have a great rest of the day!


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