Photo-A-Day: On My Mind

Even though I’m not feeling great, today was a good day! I’ve been wanting to go out to the field all spring but it never worked out until today. Thanks to my awesome friend, Tabitha, she drove me out to the field and I was able to snap some pictures and ride a few passes with my honey while he was seeding.

These pictures are the perfect subject for today’s topic because all throughout the day, Andy, the farm, the equipment, their safety, etc, they are always on my mind. I am frequently praying for their safety, for the equipment to hold together, and for the crop to yield well. This year, it’s been especially on my mind because we have a “sick” tractor that we are nursing along and praying it will hold together until we finish seeding. Each day it continues to run is a miracle from God and we thank Him for it!

My favorite photo from today I call a tractor selfie:


It was so much fun to get to see my hubby during the day and get to visit with him while we drove back and forth across the field. Thanks to GPS and auto-steer, he’s able to drive “hands-free” when he’s not turning, etc.


Here’s a shot of his view from the cab of the tractor:


Lots of farm land and wind turbines, everywhere! In the very, very distant (almost unseeable) horizon, you can see across into the state of Oregon. Here’s a handful of more photos from today’s outing:

It was a fun afternoon and I’m so thankful I got to get out and see how the planting side of things is done! Thanks for looking and I wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend!


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