Photo-A-Day: An Animal

Well, today I’m going to show you a few pictures I managed to snap this morning of one of our most famous creatures here in South Central WA State, the bluebird!

Growing up in ND, I had never really seen one before coming here. They are so striking and so much fun to watch! I know little to nothing about birds but I’ve slowly been picking up some information since living here from my husband and Mother-in-law.

For instance, the males come back far earlier in the spring than the females do. Also the males are a more brilliant blue while the females are more of a dusty shade with pops of blue on their wings.



They seem to be most active in the morning hours and then again as the sun goes down. They love to play in the trees in our front yard. I often see them (and many other birds) diving and swooping through the trees playing with one another.

I’m sure I’ll be taking many more pictures of these gorgeous birds over this next year but thanks for looking and I hope you all have a good start to the week!


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