Photo-A-Day: Flat

Yesterday was a bit crazy around here – or at least, as crazy as it can get for someone who’s chronically ill living in the country. ;o) No, in all reality, it wasn’t even that crazy but it was the day for a big job… giving the girls their hair cut.

I’m NO groomer but I do cut my dogs hair to save money. It also doesn’t help that the closest groomer is nearly an hour’s drive away and I can’t drive long distances yet. So, the only way they’d get to a groomer is if someone else took them. And, since my hubby is in full farming mode right now, it’s just not an option.

Anyway, that job always takes 2-3 hours and then I have to shower and rest afterwards as it always wipes me out. As I slowly get better, it gets less tasking but it is still something that takes a lot out of me and as such, I never did get to posting my pictures yesterday.

In the end, it turned out great because this morning, Penny gave me the perfect picture for yesterday’s topic – flat. Our two dogs often do what we call the “flat as a pancake” beg. They seem to think that if they make themselves as flat as possible and give us a pathetic look, that we will just do whatever they want. And, sometimes, they are right!

I mean, c’mon, how do you say no to this face?! Sadie can often be seen doing this as well but this morning, she was happily sleeping in daddy’s chair.

Anyway, the wind has finally calmed down and I so hope I can get outdoors for a bit today as it’s been too cold and windy for that recently. I hope you all have a great Wednesday and thanks for stopping by!


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