Photo-A-Day: On The Wall

Well, ever since they became popular, I’ve always wanted one…a personalized decal on my living room wall. The problem was, our last home had super rough plaster walls so decals were never an option. As you can imagine, the second we moved into our new place and I could get some measurements done, I was on Amazon looking at my options and grabbed up these two. They mostly match and they add a simple touch of pretty to an otherwise boring space.

Here’s the main one in our living room:


It sits right above our TV stand. My husband did most of the work putting this one up but I can actually take the FULL credit for putting up this one in the hallway:


I’m also responsible for the layout of this fun gallery wall that’s above our couch in the living room:


So while our living room and hall way are mostly decorated, the rest of the house still really isn’t. I’d love to finish the office area next and then move on to our master bedroom. But then there’s the bathrooms to do and the two guest bedrooms as well. Ah, lots to do yet. But it will happen when it happens. In the mean time, the important thing is that our house feels like home and we are so blessed to have this place to live!


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